Friday, February 4, 2011

To be or Not to be...

Tis the question...

My husband and I are constantly fielding questions about what is a vegan diet?  When we started looking for day care for our daughter oh my goodness… it was kinda shocking to us how so many people truly had no idea what a vegetarian diet was let alone a vegan diet (that aside it was also shocking to see the processed fast foods that daycares serve).  I toured all the large centres in our area and ekk!! A sample lunch sausage and cheesy potatoes and a cookie are you kidding me?! For a baby?! Toddler? Nearly every meal and snack contained cheese.  So I asked to see a vegetarian menu and to my surprise a few places had one… none had anything remotely vegan the vegetarian menu was full of cheese and eggs so that answered that question for us.  We ended up finding a perfect little home setting, the lady is very sensitive to Julia’s dietary needs and better yet I pack all her food every day and would have it no other way.

So the intention of this post is to demystify “our” vegan diet.  Everyone is going to have food they like or dislike things they will or will not eat some logical others may only make sense to the person themselves. There are so many different “diets” in this era and you truly have to do what makes you glow.

Before we get to into this to deep… so for the past years our diet consisted of NO dairy except gelatin-free pro biotic yogurt, my husband and I drink a variety of milk soy and almond are by far on top of our list.  NO pork or beef, chicken maybe once every 2 months only free-range organic, salmon rarely as it is so hard to find wild salmon and white fish well once I read about fisheries we were done with that as well unless my husband was to catch a fresh fish (and he ain’t a fisherman so that won’t be happening anytime soon haha).  If you have never read about fisheries it is worth reading about I can do a post on it in the future if there is some interest?  I was actually nauseated when I was reading about them.  I am by no means trying to convince anyone not to eat fish or animal products I am simply explaining some of our rational.

So if we were asked to label our diet we call it “vegan +” or “modified vegan diet”.  We strive to keep some moderation in our diet by doing so eating a very wide variety.  I feel like I am somehow trying to justify our diet and I quite frequently feel that way but you know what that is absurd… we never question anyone else’s diet and we are grown adults and therefore able to chose our diet and this is it in a nut shell. 

You will notice that I added a “+” to my title and that is because we will be giving Julia homoginized milk closer to 18 month or 2 years there is no other way to ensure adequate fat and calories for more info see my post “the milky way”, small amounts of gelatin-free probiotic yogurt (for a calcium boost) and if the opportunity arises we may give her free range organic chicken and wild salmon (if we can find it) these will all be in moderation the majority of her diet will be vegan as we strongly feel that is what is best for her.

I am going to start posting more of my recipes… as they have been piling up for awhile haha nearly all the baby recipe books I have reviewed are full of cheese and butter and so many other ingredients that make me "krinch" and that we don’t feel are pure so majority of all my recipes will be vegan.  Upcoming this weekend “Faux-Tofsalmon” we actually made it last weekend we used the tofu and did it up the same as we used to salmon with a side of steamed veggies and red quinoa.  I should also mention that although my site is simply pure vegan + baby I will also be sharing many other recipes as I do lots of cooking for us also and I will discuss how to “babyize” them where appropriate
How would you explain your diet?  What influences the things that you eat? Or the things that you feed your family?

Finally I am very happy to have gotten a few comments on my blog, and my first follower (I guess you have to have a gmail account to follow which complicates things... I need to look into that more) being new to this whole blog world it is really exciting :-)  That's it for now happy Friday and enjoy the snow, Julia sure does!

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